Acupuncture is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine in which very thin needles are placed in strategic points along the body, called meridians. These meridians create energy flow throughout the entire body that is responsible for your overall health. Disruption of this energy flow can cause disease in the body. By applying acupuncture to certain points, the flow of energy can be rebalanced. 


Does acupuncture hurt? 


Acupuncture is done using sterile needles that are as thin as a human hair. Many patients report minimal pain when the needles are inserted. More commonly, you may feel pressure or a dull ache where the needles are placed. These are common and expected sensations during an acupuncture treatment. Your provider may choose to include heat to enhance the treatment for certain concerns. 


What can acupuncture treat? 


Acupuncture can be used in a wide variety of conditions ranging from acute and/or chronic pain, GI upset, hormone imbalance, and mental health issues. One of the many great things about acupuncture is your provider can individualize your treatment to fit your specific goals. 


What happens after an acupuncture treatment? 


Some patients feel energized after their acupuncture treatment whereas others may feel more relaxed. This can depend on the points your provider chooses to include in the treatment. Additionally, you may not get the full benefits after one acupuncture session, but may start to see improvement after 4-6 treatments. 


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