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A more direct approach to Primary Care means more time for our doctors to spend with patients, and less time spent in the waiting room. Click below to learn more about Direct Primary Care, or more about our pricing!


Direct Primary CarePricing Information
Seven years ago we set out to create a more affordable, higher quality of Primary Care. Through our Direct Primary Care system, we offer a membership that allows patients to take control of their health. Furthermore, our membership allows our doctors to spend more time with patients and likewise, patients spend less time in the waiting room. By having easy access to your physician and a form of medicine that treats root problems instead of symptoms, optimal health can be an option.  

We attempt to circumvent and oppose the current cycle of Primary Care by offering low cost, high quality visits that include less waiting room time and more time with our doctors. At Keystone, we’ve spent time analyzing and perfecting the way that we provide care and we’ve learned how to ensure that we are getting our patients healthy, instead of treating ailments.





No Insurance? No problem!

Healthcare at a Reasonable Price.

We do not contract with any insurances, but don’t fear, our Keystone Care subscription is half the cost of the average yearly deductible. Learn more about our subscription by clicking below.

Meet the team

Keystone’s Providers


April Lam FNP-C

Taking our level of care to a new level, April is aiming to bring quality care to patients at our new Phoenix Clinic.  

Dr. Samantha Randahl

Aims to treat illness as opposed to just treating symptoms, Dr. Randahl sees the entire family and loves pediatric care.

Dr. Shay Herndon

Compassionate care drives Dr. Herndon’s patients to achieve optimal health. She truly enjoys taking a part in their journey.


Dr. Amanda Marshall

Her warm and inviting personality make her a good fit for anyone as she pursues new and effective ways to treat her patients. 

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