Our Approach

Direct Primary Care

Trying to find innovative ways to make healthcare more personable and affordable was an incredible challenge for us. Then we found Direct Primary Care. In a nutshell, we offer a monthly membership that reduces the price of many in-office services, as well as completely waves the fee for any type of visit with your doctor. Although we do not contract with insurance companies and therefore do not accept insurance, we believe that our Keystone Care Membership is of fantastic value to anyone! To learn more about our pricing, DPC and the benefits thereof, keep scrolling!

How It Works.

Here at Keystone, we offer two routes of payment. Option #1 is our Pay As You Go and Option #2 is our Keystone Care Membership. With Pay As You Go, you pay a higher initial visit fee, and pay services and visits at full price but aren’t tied to a monthly payment. Additionally, there must be an adult fee paid in order to receive a pediatric price, if there is no adult available, the pediatric will be charged as an adult. With the Keystone Care Membership, you pay a lower initial visit fee, receive discounts on services, included visits, and an affordable monthly fee. Check out the chart below and feel free to give us a call with any questions!

Membership Pricing

With the Keystone Care Membership, you pay an affordable monthly fee, and gain access to discounted services! To learn more about what kind of discounts the membership includes, click here!