Tips on Healthy Holiday Routines

PumpkinsWe want to help you face those holiday challenges and do the best you can to maintain your healthy routines so here are some simple tips for you to try.

  1.  Sleep- if traveling, use 1 mg of melatonin to help you fall asleep in strange places or at odd times. Keep the room you are sleeping in cool and comfortable.  Travel with ear plugs or a sleep mask if you are very sensitive to light or sound and know that this may be an issue wherever you are staying.
  2. Food options-  pack your own supply of nuts and seeds to keep you full and decrease cravings.  Also, volunteer to make food so that you can prepare a few dishes the way that you prefer.  Keep fresh cut fruits and veggies on hand with hummus for quick snacks.  Make sure you drink plenty of water so you don’t get as hungry.  Last but not least, don’t torture yourself, give yourself permission to enjoy the season without feeling guilty.
  3. Exercise- Travel with exercise bands or just do sit-ups and push-ups while you are gone.  Encourage the family to take a walk after dinner or before breakfast.  Organize some fun physical activities that everyone can enjoy like a backyard game of football, wiffleball, volleyball, kickball…. Going to colder climates try sledding, snowball fight or building snowmen.  Be creative, have fun and make memories.  Remember, it might not be your typical exercise but moving your body is what counts.

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