Keystone Care was created to provide
families in Arizona with an affordable health care solution.


natural. affordable. quality. healthcare.

The membership allows patients to abstain from paying fees for visits and allows them to have reduced prices on various services and procedures! Ages 0 – 18 pay a monthly fee of $10, 18 – 50 pay $50 and 50 – above pay $75.

Keystone Natural Family Medicine is revolutionizing health care by providing affordable health care that families in Arizona  deserve!
Keystone Care Membership is a health care solution that offers unlimited visits for one flat-rate a month!

With Keystone Care, you don’t have to wait weeks to be “squeezed in” for a 5 minute appointment. You will have direct access to your doctor at any time! No jumping through hoops, no paying $200 for a little visit (in fact your visits are included with this program!), and you never have to wait a ridiculously long amount of time before you can talk to them!
You can have peace of mind knowing that if you’re not feeling well, your doctor will be there. If you have a concern, you can come on in. If you need to talk, your doctor will be ready and happy to pull up a chair and listen!

But that’s not all you get with the Keystone Care Membership! Here’s what else is included in your membership:
All scheduled office visits are FREE
Unlimited Phone Consultations
Sauna Therapy
Well Woman Exams
Sports Physicals
Cold Laser Treatments
Cash Pay Rates for Lab Work and Imaging
Reduced Rates on Nutrient IV’s

0-17 years of age – $10/month

18-50 years of age – $50/month
51 and older –

Membership Pricing
Scheduled Visits – included
Sick Visits – included
Sauna – included
Well Women Exams – included
Sports and Annual Physicals – included
EKG’s – included
Cold Laser – included
Slim Shots – $7.50
B12 Shot – $7.50
Glutathione Push – $15
Nebulizer – $15
Acupuncture – $15
Cupping – $15
Minor Surgery – $15
Small IV Therapy – $50
Large IV Therapy – $95