New patient first visit ~~$295 includes 60 minutes with the doctor discussing your medical needs, a physical exam and reviewing past medical records.  

Follow-up appointments ~~$135- will be 30 minutes

Acute visit ~~ $100- patients with urgent type concerns.  Ex: strep throat, colds,

Pediatric first visit ~~$195

Well women exam ~~$80

Initial acupuncture treatment ~~$125 – includes an initial assessment and Chinese diagnosis with an acupuncture treatment

Acupuncture follow-up ~~ $75

Nutrient/vitamin IV therapy~~ $70 for 100ml bag and ~~$125 for 250ml bag

Cold laser treatment ~~$40

Trigger point injections ~~$75(1 hour)

Breathing treatments ~~$30

Minor surgery~~ $80 toe nail removal, sutures, skin tag removal

Slim Shots ~~$15-Contains methionine, inositol and choline to increase weight loss

B12 shots ~~$15

Sauna ~~$25 for 1 hour or $200 for unlimited use for 1 month

Food allergy panel ~~$299 (96 foods) $399 (184 foods)

Letters ~~$50 service animals, disability, insurance claims….

PRP~~ $400/Prolo~~$200