Complain to our state’s insurance authority!

Fight for your right to have the healthcare you need and deserve!

If you have been denied coverage for routine visits to your naturopathic doctor (ND), please do two things right away:

  1. Sign and mail a pre-written postcard to the Governor (who oversees the insurance commissioner).  Write in the name of your health insurer in the space left blank.
  2. File a complaint documenting how you have been denied coverage for Essential Health Benefits (such as routine doctor) visits, as provided by your ND.  This will take some additional time and effort but will provide our state’s insurance department with the specifics to investigate.

Here’s the link to do so:

Under the Affordable Care Act, your health insurance plan is supposed to cover naturopathic physicians in network – but not so in reality.  Many insurers are unaware of this requirement, and many states – including ours – are not enforcing it. Thank you for taking action to ensure your right to have the services of your ND covered by insurance in network – just as those same services are covered in network when provided by MDs and DOs.  Your voice is essential for insurance officials to hear! Preserve your right to have naturopathic care covered by insurance! Here are pre-written letters you can download and use to submit to your HR and Insurance Company.